The event is hosted in the centre of the 15th century Medieval town of Bellême.

Accommodations available :

  • 295€ Shared rooms : At “Town Gite”, Gite “Alex”, Golf or “Gite l’Atelier”
  • 450€ Single rooms :  At “Golf”,”Hotel le Relais St. Louis” or “La Grande Maison”
  • 670€ Couples Rooms : At “Golf”,”Hotel le Relais St. Louis” or “La Grande Maison”

ETF France allocates all rooms and will attempt to satisfy ETFers requests notably in respect to room sharing.

  1. “Town Gite” Shared rooms in the town center : 2 to 4 beds per room, 6 bathrooms This location is just next to the event and system rooms. 35 beds are available here. Visit here
  2. Hotel le Relais St. Louis is also in town center and 30 seconds from the event. It is reserved for couples or single rooms. The capacity is 23 guests in 10 rooms. Each room has it’s own private bathroom. Visit here 
  3. Gîte “l’Atelier” is a private house capacity of 4, one double bed and two single beds, bathroom, kitchen and lounge and is situated 2 minutes from event. See here
  4. Golf Residence : shared unit apartments with capacity ranging from 2 to 4 occupancy in each unit, multiple bathrooms per unit, lounge and outdoor space. Most have either single bed or twin beds so you sleep alone in most cases, bathroom is shared. Single and couple occupancy is a available, you have a unit to yourself or couple. Units are a 3 minute drive from the event also a nice walk to Bellême countryside. Visit here
  5. Gite “Alex” has a capacity of 2 with one bathroom a 30 second walk from the event.
  6. La Grande Maison : 17th century Castle in town centre, 4 rooms for couples with private bathrooms and 3 single rooms that share bathroom facilities. See here This place is just a 5 minute walk to the main event area.


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