Thanks Ale, etracer!

Ale will be bringing his etracer to ETF.19 so we can test our tubes!

Will get him setup in a nice confortable space!

Thanks Ale….!

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Shearer Horn 2019 @ ETF

Been busy making a pair of Shearer horns for us to experience (enjoy?) during ETF.19. D23E18D0-03FF-4925-BAD8-A122D550DD15

Yes there will be two and yes it will be stereo…..!

Some of our crazy Dutch friends have made bespoke amplifiers to drive these babies.

DJ sessions are scheduled and maybe some films as a well…let’s see! But aiming at all fun…we will share a beer or two with then! More details later….

xover etc…yet to be decided and yes tuning at the event!

They will be installed in the main room and “hopefully” they will sing, DJ sessions are on schedule and yes you can “must” bring your recordings….feel free and lets have fun!

My warmest thanks to Jeffrey J, Thomas N, Yves C., Dietmar, Thomas D, and David D who all played an important part in making this happen. I love team projects!

See you soon !